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                                     These were  taken at  Vegors Cemetery

         In the picture from left to right is

        Mark ,Cindy ,Raymond ,Annie,& Kassandra 

         In the second photo is Raymond , Kassandra ,Mark & Cindy


     Hello, we are a small group of investigators here in Des Monies, Iowa. Our purpose is to be here when others are needing help. By trying to help them understand what is going on in their homes or places of business.

We are here to help people with the unknown.


     We strictly work on donations alone. So if you would like to donate then there is a link to the side of the screen just click it and follow what it asks... And thank you very much. First i would like to say thank you for viewing our site and we hope that you find what you are needing here. If there is something else that you are wanting that is not posted please email us and we will find it for you.


      Here is a little about ourselves. We are a small group of people who enjoy helping others. We have been doing this for about 3 yrs with other  groups  but we have been doing some things on our own for  while now. We have been doing cemeteries and historical spots. We even do private homes and a few business's. This doesn't mean that we would not help out others , we love getting the phone calls and going out on cases. We do alot of cemeteries, so that we keep getting better at the filed. There are always things that we will be learning.

     As for places that we go to . We keep everything confidential and discrete.  We will not disclose any information to any groups or post on our site if that is something that the client is asking. We do ask to post a few pictures that does not  have people in,  or children , or an address in. So please remember that there are a few places that we post on line.

      Please remember that there are alot of Paranormal teams out there and  you need to be comfortable with the one that you pick .We are all here for the some reason : To Help others .We all know that this is a tough field. We all have the same ideas in mind .. Investigate , do history and help the client as much as possible. This is what we all do.

 We do not ask for money, Nor should any team. 

    Know a haunted location here in the Des Monies area or if there is location that is close to Iowa. We do go to Illinois,Minnesota,Nebraska,Missouri, yet we are not limited to these areas. That you think we should check out ?

PLEASE email us at or feel free to call us at   


Kassandra :515-360-5457

                                                   call and tell us all about it


Looking to Join a Paranormal group?

       Have you ever asked yourself if this was something that you were interested in? Are there things that are hard to explain in your home or place of business or are you just curious about what you may or may not have seen? If you are looking to better understand things. Then maybe you should look around at some of these paranormal sites and see if there is one that you would like to join.  All groups are different yet we are looking for the same things.     

       If you are thinking to your self that Earthbound Paranormal of Iowa may be a group you would like to know more about please feel free to email us at  Or ,


and ask any questions that you may have. We are a very open minded group and we are looking forward to hearing from you all. Just please remember that this is a field that we all take very seriously. There is an application at the bottom of this page just print it off and then call the number listed we will set something up for you. 


Here is this past weeks Blog talk radio ..

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Application  :


              When you finish the applications please call  515-360-5457

      , we will then set up a time for you to met with the founders and we will go from there. Thank you so much for taking the time to filling out the application. you can copy this to your Microsoft or to word documents and then just print it out .

Please remember that we are a non profit organization and with that being said you will not get money for anything that you do for this group as we don't get paid for anything we do either.


 Application for Earthbound Paranormal of Iowa

property of Earthbound Paranormal Of Iowa @ 2009


Full Name:_______________________   Last name :_____________________________

Name you go by : __________________________________


City / State :_________________________             Zip Code: _____________________


Email : _________________________________________________________________

Home (____ ) _________________Cell’s (______ ) _____________________________

Would you be available for emergency cases ? ________ (yes)  __________(no )
Are you ok with doing overnight investigations? ________ (yes) __________(no)

How did you hear about us? _________________________________________________

Do you have your own Transportation ? _________ ( yes )  _________( no )
Age : ___________  ( if under 18 )

***  All applicants will be subjected to a back ground check before hired.  There is no pay check for a non-profit organization , which is what we are.***

Have you ever been convicted of a crime?  _____ ( yes )  _______ ( no )
If yes please explain: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Have you had any paranormal  experiences or thought you  have  experienced the paranormal but was unsure? Please explain?

Have you ever been released from duties with any other paranormal groups?___________
If yes , please


Tell us why you think you would make a great investigator? __________________________________________



I, ________________________________ agree that I have answered all the questions on the application true fully  and accurately. Any false information given could lead to termination. You are also aware that this  group is a volunteer basis and that you are not going to get a paycheck for your time with Earth Bound Paranormal of Iowa.  

_________________________                                _______________________
 Signature of Applicant                                                Date:



This document belongs to Earthbound Paranormal Of Iowa. @ 2009

Revised Nov.7, 2013