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Can Children see the dead?

Article written by: Jolene McClish


    Have you ever noticed your child or someone else’s child looking off into space? Or maybe see them playing with something that isn’t really there? Or maybe just seeing something that caught their attention that made them go off into space? What could that be you ask? Well as studies show there are several things that it could be.

    When you ask your family doctor about the things that your child is doing you mostly hear this:  they tell that it is nothing or that it is just an imaginary friend and they will grow out of it? Sometimes you will even hear that their eyes are just not fully developed and that could be the cause.  Well sometimes that might be the answer but there are a few known cases that this was not the case.

   Where there are some ghost hunters out there that think that children can see spirits due to the soft spot in their head or because a spirit can come across as an imaginary friend and that the child cannot distinguish the difference with the two. Sometime this is due to the strength that the spirit has or maybe the abilities that the child has. At this time there are just a lot of speculations.

    A research was done by Nicole September 19th, 2006. The age limit that she studied was newborn to 11 years old. There were a few children that had the abilities to communicate with the unknown to where others had not. This is due to many reasons. There are a lot of times where we as parents are telling our child to stop doing that and we would redirect them to something else, most of those children that were redirected had lost the ability to speak with the unknown. There were a few children that were not redirected and they continued to have the ability to communicate with these spirits. Some went long into adulthood with this ability. Some of them would just not speak to adults about it fearing that they would be called names or be made fun of.

    What could cause such abilities? Well we are all unsure on what causes it for sure. But we can state that with some children it is because their brain is open to these abilities, or that there was something major in their life happen to them. Some form of tragedy like a near death experiences, or a major injury or that they are open minded because they have not yet been corrupted by society. If you believe in reincarnation then sometimes people believe that when someone they love crosses over they are just bringing back when a new spirit is born.

    Psychic Jill, also states that children can see, hear and speak with spirits. This study was done by ghost There are many sights stating that children and even animals can see spirits.

     So what is it that experts really believe?

    Those children have over active imaginations or that they have schizophrenia after a certain age?

    So do children have the ability to see spirits, the answers are endless till science can prove it or not.

    Till then don't discourage or punish your child for stories that they tell, even if you don’t believe them. Even though you cannot see what your child sees, that does not mean that they cannot. Your best bet is to document everything that they are experiencing and if things get worse to contact someone that can help you understand it a little better. 

   Please know that there are people out there that can help you if you feel that this is something that your child is experiencing.