Earthbound Paranormal Of Iowa

Round Prairie Cemetery

As we were driving in Minnesota we came across a few cemeteries, Here is one that we had seen.

Round Prairie , is a very neat little cemetery. We did notice that when we were walking around we found lots of little kids.  There was also several headstones that were dated back in 1898 and before.

 There is a small church across the street from this cemetery , we were there about sunset so this made the cemetery and the church very fascinating.

There will be a few pictures posted later.


Grand Meadow Cemetery


Cesko- Narodni  ' Minnesota



 This was the first cemetery that I have found that was not in English .  We went threw it and took a few photo's. This was a very neat looking cemetery.

State Line Cemetery




 There are a few more of these photos in the Iowa cemetery files. I am posting some in both since it was on the state line.