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 Here is something a little different.Here is a memorial that was built here at Sam Cohens Park here in Des Moines in the south-east bottoms. This memorial is of Elizabeth Yaw. Now why is this so important, well she is related to me. She was married to my great grandfather on my mothers side.  She was my Great grandfathers 3rd wife. Now as I hear it Elizabeth and Sam Cohen was good friends and that is why it is there. I know that that there are several stories about this I am just telling you what I was told. Now I was also told that she is not buried there it is just a memorial I will find what cemetery she is at and I will post some pictures of her actual head stone... 



Information on all cemeteries posted below

Please keep in mind that you should never enter a location after hours without

permission from  the caretaker of the location. Every place posted on this site

that was after dark we , Earthbound Paranormal Of Iowa has had permission to

enter. The ones taken in the day light, well everyone has permission as long as you

follow the posted rules of the cemetery.


Please do not damage any cemetery they are a fascinating  part of our history. 

There are those cemeteries that you have to go threw someones Yard to get to

so when you visit any of these you not only want to be respectful to the people

that have pasted away but you want to be respectful to the living as well. 


 As I sit here thinking of getting a few pictures from every cemetery that Iowa

has... I was thinking that this is something that I would really like to do , so after

spending 5 hours researching every cemetery that is on record in Iowa and $60

dollars later on ink to print everything out I find that Iowa has a total of ......

Are you ready for this ???? 

There are a total of 4,996 Cemeteries that are documented in Iowa that is not

counting the ones that are not documented.

  Well I will spend the next couple of years making sure that I have photos from

every cemetery in Iowa..  Please be patient for this is going to take time and alot

of patience , not to mention a good cleansing of myself since I keep bringing new

things home with me everyday when i venture into  Iowas note worthy part

of History.

I hope that you enjoy looking at all the photos that we have collected from every


Thank you for viewing our site

Kassandra W. , Founder 



Vegers Cemetery  in Iowa est.









This is a place that we go to for training . This is one of the oldest cemeteries that i have been to in a long time. There are some really cool things that happen here. Now when we did the history on this cemetery we found it to be linked to the Spirit Lake Massacre. This was an Indian site at one time and to this day there are Indians still roaming the grounds like there are other spirits that are at the site as well.

 Here are a few photos from the location

Please don't go to this location with out having permission from the care takers.


Homer Cemetery  Est.


This is a cemetery that has a few very unique headstones. Back in the early 1900's there were several gypsy's that were placed in the very far back corner , There is a trail that will take you back there but it is better to go during the day . There were several different things that were experienced at this cemetery the night our group was here. We heard voices and some even seen like shadows that looked like people walking around.


This a very neat and interesting place to be. Please do not go to this location with out having permission from the caretakers.

Sims Cemetery est.1800's


This is a cemetery that we just stumbled across as we were driving around.

Once we got inside the cemetery we noticed that there were a lot of pioneers. There were several things there that caught our investigators eyes.



South Prairie Cemetery Est in 1879


This is a cemetery that is in the lower part of Iowa. It is really neat. This is one place that we will go back to when it is a little darker out.


Rosehill cemetery   in Missouri Valley, Ia


           Here is a cemetery that we had did some checking into and we found out that there are a few "hobo 's " that were buried here back in the early days. What I mean by hobo's are ones that use to ride the railroads. There were several reports of hobo's killing each other , some died of natural causes and some where murdered. There were lots of different reports on this so please take that as you wish.

     We as a group went to the Rosehill Cemetery in Missouri Valley and there were several things that we caught on photographs. There were lots of personal experiences as well. One being, Mark and I was walking threw the back half of the cemetery and we could smell the scent of sage.  This was a very strong scent. We heard some children in the cemetery when we were there in the daylight and at night. There were a few chilly feeling there as well.  There was a time when we had walked from one side to the other just to enter a very cold spot. There were several  temperature drops as well threw out the cemetery.

    Here are a few pictures that we captured that night.

Woodland Cemetery  in Dsm ,Ia 


This is a very unique cemetery, it is one of the oldest cemeteries in Des Moines, Iowa. There are several things that has happened to people while they would visit their families. Now we like to just walk this place and see what is out there... Not only do you get the chance to see some wonderful headstones from back in the day , but you also get to try out your new equipment in a place that there is something there. There are rumors from this cemetery so many that I would rather not add to. So from EBP of Iowa's thoughts this is a fascinating area to be at.

This night we caught a few things on photo. Then I returned the next day with a spectrum camera and caught a couple really neat things,,  Please take the following photo's as you see them .For everyone does not think the same.


Monroe cemetery



 Here is another cemetery that we found yesterday. This is a cemetery that dates back in the early 1850's. I'm not sure when this one cemetery was est. But I will do some checking to see. Here at Monroe cemetery you will find some very unique headstones. This one that i have posted is Of John Loyd. There are several headstones that will peak any Spirit hunters attention.  The second Photo is an unmarked grave.

 My personal thoughts on this cemetery was; peaceful. Nothings seemed to be too over whelming here. It was a very peaceful place , at least in the day light.

Southern Iowa cemetery


Here is a cemetery that caught my eye almost 6 months ago. This is a  cemetery that when you walk into you get the feeling that some one is walking with you. Like you can feel them with you. There is a lot of history in this little cemetery. We walked this whole place and we will be returning very soon. Once my team has had a change to walk thru at night time then we will post a few pictures and the name of this wonderful cemetery.


Garrett Cemetery


This is a cemetery that not only holds some amazing headstones but it holds a little bit more.  Back in the 1984 this cemetery was hit by a tornado. There were lots of headstones that were all over. This seemed to be a peaceful cemetery. I'm not saying thou at night that it would hold the same peacefulness that we felt when we were there.


Southern Iowa Cemetery



 This Cemetery all i can say is WOW.... There were several OLD headstones. Here are just a photos from when we seen this one. The photo in the middle REALLY works!!! This gate was at the beginning of the headstones , you could open the small gate and walk thru it to get to the headstone..

This is a place that our team will go back to after hours and see if there is anything there.


Masonic & I.O.O.F &  Jackson Township Cemetery


     This is 3 cemeteries in a row they are all connected.The oldest one was the masonic and the other two were Jackson Township Cemetery. Now the Jackson Township cemetery is separated into two sections one was founded in 1851 and the other side was founded in 1978.  The Masonic was the one  that  fascinated me the most, there were several very interesting headstones in this cemetery. 

St Mary's Cemetery



 This is a very neat cemetery. There are some very neat head stones here.

Rosehill & Sacred Heart in Grundy



 The Top two photos are from Sacred heart Cemetery , and the bottom is Rosehill in Grundy ,Iowa

Now these are together because they are together as one cemetery.




Holland Cemetery


 This seemed to be a very peaceful place . There are a lot of interesting headstones but nothing that really gave us the eerie feeling. It is very much worth a trip to see.

Eldora Cemetery  est. 1861


 Here is a cemetery that We were told about by some friends, so went for a drive to find it. This has a lot of very unique stones in it. I can personally say that there was a eerie feeling of being watched. Especially in the far back corners.


Steamboat area Cemetery


 Steamboat area ,Iowa

 This is a cemetery that We stumbled upon. We were out for a drive and we went over a set of tracks and there it was. There are several different kind of older head stones in this location. This was the first cemetery that We have found that had two different exits. I'm not sure why. Either way this was a very unique place to be. It does have that feeling that someone is close to you as you walk threw it..


Colfax cemetery


  Colfax Cemetery ,Iowa

    This cemetery was not a huge one but it was a very interesting one. There were several older ones here.


Elm Grove Cemetery    in Dsm, Ia


Elm Grove Cemetery , Iowa

     Now the following cemetery had caught my eye a long time ago but i never went inside of it, Well i had a day off and I went to see what it was about. I know that the sign said it was erected in August of 1962 ,I think it was the building that it was attached to that was in 1962 .

    There are headstones in here that date back in the late 1800's to early 1900's. there were just a few current ones so this is still a active cemetery for not only the spirit world.

    This is still a location that you are going to need permission from if you enter after dark. 

    Here are a few pictures from the day time, we will have to return sometime at night, This was a cemetery that has a creepy feeling when you are walking around in alone.


Avon Cemetery  in Dsm ,Ia


                             Avon Cemetery ,Iowa

Here is a cemetery that has some history. There are some very neat looking headstones in this cemetery. There is a odd feeling when you get into the older part. This is a place that we will return to at night to see if there is anything that lurks after hours.


Evergreen cemetery  in Dsm ,Ia 




Farrar Cemetery

 This cemetery is right across from a haunted school. You can check out the school on our page schools in Iowa . The man that donated the land for the school house is in this cemetery. 

Hamilton county in Jewell ,Ia


     This cemetery sits back a ways on the road, but there is some history to this place. We did not get  any real weird feelings when we were in this location, but we did have an interesting time walking and looking around  at the wonderful head stones.


Franklin Cemetery

Here is a cemetery that we found by mistake. When you go to this one , you get the feeling of someone watching you the closer you get to the back. There are several very unique headstones in this cemetery. Very , very unique.


Laurel Hill Cemetery    in Dsm, Ia



  Here is a cemetery that we have all wanted to walk threw. There are several very old headstones when you get back by the civil war area. This is a fantastic cemetery.



Calvary Cemetery



     This is a cemetery that pulls you in just by its beauty. There are very old and unique headstones. Here are a few of them that got our attention.


Lehigh Cemetery


Lehigh Cemetery , Iowa

    This was a cemetery that we found while we were out looking for something else.  Here is a cemetery thou that is well worth a peek.

     There was a sign that stated that Lehigh has been est. since 1889. The cemetery is tiny ,yet so is the town. But don't let that fool you is tons of history in this little town.


Otho Cemetery



Union Cemetery




Lincoln Cemetery    in  sailorville Lake area




Lindenwood Cemetery

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Hwy 65& 185th st



  Here is a cemetery that we caught by mistake. We were out driving around and out of the blue we found this. There was no name for the cemetery and there was only about 50 headstones , they were scattered all over .



State Line Cemetery   close to the Minnesota boarder



Here are a few photos from a cemetery that we found, there are a few more photos on this cemetery in the Minnesota  Cemetery to.

Oak wood Cemetery   close to Oskaloska, Ia







Altoona Cemetery



 Here is a Cemetery that is split into two different cemeteries. They are down the street from each other but are both called Altoona Cemetery .  One is not as old as the other but there are a few really cool head stones in both places.




Saint Mary's Cemetery





Hewitt Cemetery



Graceland Cemetery







New Sharon, Iowa  Cemetery

Here is a cemetery that I wanted to see how bad the tornado hit it. There was a tornado that went threw this little town and tore up this cemetery. They have it back together. the community came together and helped put the cemetery back together.



Brooklyn Cemetery





Calvary Cemetery in Brooklyn




Granny Sprague Pioneer Cemetery

Here is a cemetery that was on the highway after we left the Amana Colonies  This was just something that we caught just by accident. We had to walk up a HUGE HILL to get to this one. This was the only headstone in this little Cemetery.



The Amana Colonies cemeteries


               The one thing that was so fascinating about the colonies was that all of their cemeteries are set up the same. They all start with the one that past away first , then they go up in years. There was one that was pointing front ways , then the rest were facing the other.After seeing all of the cemeteries the oldest one was 1858!!  Very neat cemeteries yet they are not the easiest to find.Below you will find photos from the following Amana Colonies : West Amana , High Amana, Middle Amana ,The Amana Colonies, and the Homestead. 


 ---------------------------------- These three are from the West Amana Colonies:  --------------------------------------



   ----------------------        These three are from  High Amana Colonies:   -------------------------------------




     ------------------------  These Three are from the  Middle Amana Colonies   -------------------------






        ----------------------                  These  two are from the  Amana Colonies     -----------------------



 ---------------------------------    These three  are from Homestead Colonies  ---------------------------------------




St Marys





Oakwood Cemetery , Ackley



Dubuque Iowa


 The man that Dubuque was named after is inside this castle piece. You can drive there and look inside but it is guarded with bars to keep people out. He has a great view of the Mississippi river. 

Vegors Cemetery UPDATED 9/10/11



 These were taken last night at Vegors Cemetery . This is a fantastic Cemetery!! We love to do training out here.. The last photo taken is a mist of something. Before you say its smoke or dusty please remember that no one smoked that night and this was the last photo of the night the car was not running and we had been there for a while and what dust was there had plenty of time to settle.

Glenwood Cemetery 






 We were heading to the flea market and we found this. I love taking pictures of cemeteries. This one was very fascinating.  


Bondurant  Cemetery Est. 1888



  Another one of those road trips took me to this cemetery. It did take a bit to get to the cemetery. Once I got there it was a very neat cemetery. 


Waukee Cemetery




Glendale Cemetery In Des Moines ,Ia




Villisca Cemetery





 This long head stone is the Moore Family          This picture has the two Stillinger girls in it 

You can also visit this place if you are wanting to spend the night in the home. it does cost. I am unsure if there are still tours of the location and the museum.  You can go to our page : places in Iowa and we have pictures of our time spent at the house and then time that we did the tour. We spent the night in the home. And our evidence is on that page as well.

Slaughter Pioneer Cemetery

 Here is a cemetery that I found when my son was learning to drive. We were out driving so that he could get some practice and we noticed this cemetery. We turned around and went back to see if we could find it and when we got to the end of the street, we had to go cross country to it. Yes, we had to go threw a couple of corn fields to get to it!  We took a few pictures. This was also a very interesting cemetery.



Sugar Grove Cemetery


Red Rock Cemetery

 Here is a cemetery that I did not know was there. I was out for a drive and I seen a sign that said " Painted Rocks" so I turned to see what it was about and I found this. This story below was a very cool one cause even as a kid I heard that there was a town where Red Rock is and this just kind of put it in place for me. This is a very old cemetery and the head stones there were really amazing.. Below you will be able to see a few photo's that I took. Not only was this a very neat cemetery there was also an amazing view!!!



Black Oak Cemetery

 Here is a cemetery that you can see from the interstate. I seen it and then tried to find an entrance so that I could get a few photos from. This was a very interesting cemetery too.






Beacon Cemetery




Ackworth Cemetery


Pleasant Grove Cemetery



Palmyra Cemetery


Ruckman Cemetery



Spurgeon Cemetery


 I left these  pictures some what big so that you could see the one with all the head stones. the second picture says that they were smothered in a mine together. the third one this  family lost all  3 kids that I found .... that was a sad moment for me . I could not imagine loosing 3 kids in their first couple of years of birth. 

St Anthony Cemetery ( Wren Cemetery)


Rees Cemetery   by red rock lake , Ia

 This cemetery did not have a front sign



Swan Cemetery


 The Middle picture is one that I was really amazed to have found since it was the first  cemetery that I have ever found ( so far) with my name on the head stone.

Mc Keever Cemetery



Highland Cemetery ,  Colfax


Colo, Iowa  Cemetery




Graceland Cemetery just outside of Rowan,Ia

 Most of the Name has fallen off but the name of this cemetery is Graceland. It is outside of Rowan, Iowa 


Sheffield Cemetery



Palestine Cemetery est: 1855 - 1915



St James


Teter Cemetery


Pleasant Hill Cemetery


Evergreen Cemetery  by Clarion,Ia


Mt. Zion cemetery


Eden Cemetery


Ashton Cemetery   est: 1915  Jasper county


This cemetery was really amazing to me. I found it by mistake, but as you see the gates to get in say that the cemetery was est in 1915 and the church has a date of 1897 the headstone clearly say that Jane Ashton Pasted in 1862. Now as we have been thinking that this is something that was really common in the olden days that they would just bury their loved ones and then continue on, this is something that could of happened here too. then as they cemetery became a known cemetery it was put where there were other headstones and that could explain that fact that there were several headstones that was there prior to the cemetery becoming a cemetery.

Melbourne Cemetery


St. Joseph's cemetery   outside of Rhodes Iowa


St Johns United Church of Christ Cemetery  est: 1880   Outside of Laurel, Ia



Laurel Methodist Cemetery est:1860


Graceland Cemetery                 outside of Laurel ,ia


Prairie View Cemetery                   outside of Gilman, Ia


Hazelwood cemetery


Westfield Cemetery


Chester Cemetery


 This cemetery was really neat because this part of the cemetery was on the left side of the road and then there was one on the right side they both had the same name. This part of the cemetery I did not go into I went into the older part and that was just happen to be on the other side of the street. Those photos are below.   

Friends/Sugar Creek Pioneer Cemetery


Friends Cemetery                         outside of Lynnville,Ia


Woodland Cemetery


Sully Cemetery


St. Andrews Lutheran Cemetery


Adamson Grove  Pioneer Cemetery


 This cemetery was a challenge. I found it because of my smart phone and I was not sure If I was going to be able to make it back to the cemetery let alone out of there. This is a cemetery that is behind a couple of corn fields, yes I said corn fields!!  Once I got to the cemetery I found my self amazed with the headstones that were back there. I walked and took  picture of every headstone that was there. Great cemetery and it is a great part of Iowa's History.

Palo Alto  Cemetery


Mt Olive Cemetery      out side of Randall, Iowa


Center Cemetery


Danish Cemetery                        outside of Randall, Iowa


Mackey cemetery


Blair Cemetery


Booneville Cemetery


Calvary Cemetery




Bear Creek Cemetery


Clayton Cemetery est :1853



Dillman Cemetery




 Here is a cemetery that was what seemed to be a family plot. It was very small seemed to have only a small handful of headstones. It sits off of the interstate here in Iowa and it is also a very long walk to get back to it. This seemed to be very peaceful. Very beautiful location.

Earlham Cemetery



East Linn


Ellis  Cemetery



Greenwood  Friends Est :1853 Cemetery


Greenwood Cemetery by Desoto


Griffis Cemetery



Harper Cemetery


Jenkins Cemetery



King Cemetery est: 1881



Linn Grove


Longmire - Davis Cemetery est: 1872



 Here is one of those cemeteries that you have to go threw someones Yard to get to so when you visit this one you not only want to be respectful to the people that have pasted away but you want to be respectful to the living as well. 




Mc Kibber Cemetery



Berwick Cemetery est: 1863


Enterprise Cemetery est:1913


this was the only headstone on this cemetery. 

Oak Grove/Hayes Pioneer Cemetery



Blue Point Cemetery



Brinegar cemetery


German Methodist Pioneer Cemetery



Oak Grove Cemetery in Des Moines


Lowman Cemetery


Spry Cemetery



Westview Cemetery


Vandellia cemetery


Wicker Cemetery


Upper Blue Point Pioneer Cemetery


Warren-Powers Cemetery Est: 1850


Goshen Baptist Church Est : 1854


Hendericks Cemetery


Mt. Hope


Norwood Cemetery


Rock Valley


Squire Boone Cemetery  Est: 1848




Lawnhill Cemetery


Maxwell Cemetery


Greenwood Cemetery   Est: 1852



This was a very neat cemetery. I was out for a drive and seen it. There are some really old head stones here. great place .