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Blog Talk Radio


 Here is something new.. We are thinking about starting our own blog talk radio shows.


If this is something that you would be interested in having your team on, please feel free to e-mail kassandra and we can get things going for you...


This will be something that will be starting in a few weeks, we are working on getting more people before we start... we wanted to be able to get a few shows booked before we try to go live....  As we go there will be a calander posted to show you the upcoming groups that will be featured and the time and dates...

The show times will be on Wednesdays  :   at 7 pm central time :  on blog radio look up Ebp of Ia


Email : or

 if you would like to be on the show..

 Just make sure you put in the header " blog talk radio' , we will go from there.. Thank you all Kassandra