Earthbound Paranormal Of Iowa

Equipment that is used


 All of the equipment that is purchased has a definition next to it and that definition comes from the place that We purchased it from. There are only 3 places that we get our equipment from , if you are wanting more information on this please visit our friends page on here. They are posted on there.


The ghost box is a  device is something we currently use on an experimental basis. The ghost box can be used for EVP, as it can be recorded, then analyzed for messages from spirits and ghosts.  However, what makes the ghost box unique is that it can be heard audibly through either an external speaker or headset, where responses from the other side can be heard and responded to live – not unlike chatting with someone by walkie-talkie.  It does require the user to train his or her ear to hear the messages that are brought forth, as the noise and audio bits can at times be somewhat distracting.  But if one experiments long enough with a ghost box, it will become apparent that the audio sound bites and white noise will begin to be manipulated to form answers to questions, phrases and more.


This is an enhancer for listening to Evp's if you have it going while you are walking around you can hear the voices as they are happening.



 The camera's  that we use. there are 36 to 42 Ir lights per camera.


 These help us see in the dark and to help us catch things that are not seen with the human eye.






  Remember that when you pick a night vision camera that you are looking for something that you can see some distance with and you want to make sure that your quality is decent .  this is a wide angle lens camera. 










    Note: With a Negative charged condition, the lights will remain ON and as a charged object slowly approaches the E-Pod-AMP, the GREEN, BLUE and RED lights will begin to dim in relationship to the e-field strength and proximity to the static source. Eventually all of the the lights will go off when the charge is within a few inches of the E-Pod. The lights will slowly come back on again when the charged object moves away from the E-Pod-AMP.
Note: With a Positive charged condition, the light will remain OFF and as a charged object gets close to the E-Pod, the light will come on. It then turns OFF when the charged object is removed.

Important: The E-field Pod Amplified 3-Zone Device has been designed to assist a Paranormal Investigator make an informed decision based on EMF and Electro-Static evidence collected during an investigation. When you are performing your investigation, team members will often refer to the “hair” standing up on their arms or the back of their neck. This added feature can help to detect this invisible E-field that causes this condition.


 Laser Grid:

 Here is a laser grid, this is something that helps you see if a spirit walks through, when a spirit walks threw the lights you can see them flicker or  move





Digital EMF:  

Hand-held, lightweight and durable.   This is the same meter used on the Ghost Hunters TV Show
• Measurement Range: 0.1 mGauss to 199.9 mGauss
• Single Axis
• Reads in Tesla or Milligauss
• Runs on one 9 volt battery (not included)
• Frequency Bandwidth: 30 to 300 Hz (ELF frequency range)
• Accuracy: ±4% at 50-60 Hz
Stand on backside to sit meter tilted up on a table top.

***** New to the group in 2011******



  Full Spectrum Camera:
A FULL SPECTRUM Digital Still & Video Camera w/Audio captures images deep within the Ultraviolet and Infrared light spectrums.    This is a Quality New SVP Digital Camera that has been converted to take pictures and video deep within the Infrared Spectrum of Light and UV Spectrum of Light.    The visible light spectrum has been blocked.
The camera take photos in daylight, dusk, with the flash in an enclosed area and with the aid of Infrared lighting and/or Ultraviolet lighting in darkness if no other light is available.    If you are using UV light you should wear protective glasses that block UV light so you do not damage your eyes.    Viewing a scene illuminated with UV light on the camera's screen will not hurt your eyes.   Standard incandescent light or the camera's flash will also work.





Olympus Recorders :

 This is to help us catch voices that are not always catch-able with the human ear. There are many kinds of recorders that we use this is just one in general.









                   The Ovilus X 

This is a piece of equipment that helps you with the paranormal.  there is a built in dictionary that helps the spirits  speak.  What is it to do is the spirits speak words and  then the Ovilus picks a word that is the closest to what they are trying to say.

It is a decent piece of equipment , as for its accuracy that is still to be determined , but for now this is something that most people enjoy using as we are a group that like it.  













                                           The K2 EMF meter is a powerful fast sampling Electromagnetic field (EMF) meter that covers frequencies from 30-20,000 Hz. This makes the K2 EMF meter a great instrument for both Paranormal Research and for finding potentially harmful high EMF levels in your home or work environment. The K2 EMF meter is pocket sized so that you can always be ready to take a reading! The K2 EMF meter is a high quality rugged meter that is designed and manufactured with great pride in the U.S.A.!  












      Temp Gauge

 Here is a device that lets you go threw the home and see the fluctuations in the temperature.



Nikon camera package cameras help us Catch things that we would not normally see with our eyes. This is just a way to have evidence.



9178061 Angle Detail Mini Dvr's help us catch things on video as we are going thru the location. Another great way to get real evidence.






With the push of a button, this simple and accurate gauss meter measures the level of magnetic field emitted by all common electrical appliances and equipment.



Build Your Own Multi-Purpose Meter

Some people are calling this the K3 meter (or KIII) and using it for paranormal research. Three separate field sensors to provide a really cool readout on two Sci-Fi styled LED bar graphs! Utilizing the latest technology, including Hall Effect sensors, you can walk around your house and actually "SEE" these fields around you! Can detect the magnetic field of the earth...THAT'S sensitive! Also detect radiation from monitors, TV's, electrical discharge, and RF emissions. You will have fun finding these fields and at the same time learn the technology behind them.  **** added in Aug of 2010*****



          Spirit Box:
A device used for contacting spirits through the use of radio    frequency. These devices or so called Spirit box also known as Ghost Box or Frank's box are used as an electronic medium for the purpose of direct communication with a spirit.

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