Earthbound Paranormal Of Iowa

Earthbound Paranormal Of Iowa

Group Photo


                Cindy, Mark , Kassandra ,Raymond ...

                Taken when we were in St Paul., Minn

                                 3/ 17/12


Founder : Kassandra Weaklend


                          Kassandra W



I'm the founder of the group.  We all hold may jobs in this field. We started this group because we wanted to help others out. We can all say that we wanted a group that takes the spirit world as serious as we all do.

   I have experienced things in the past and ever since then I have interested in seeing what is out there. I do believe that  we are not alone. That there are things out there that are unexplainable.

    This has been a field that has interested  me for many years now. I am glad to be able to have a wonderful group of Members and that we are all here for the same reasons... Helping others understand what is out there. I do know that there are a few things out in the spirit world that are hard to debunk. We all try to make sure that what ever we post is  real.




Sensitive : Mark J

          Mark J:


     There are many things that I do for our group but sensitive is very high on the list.  

    I am one of the sensitives of this group, plus I am an investigator. I have been interested in the paranormal field for many years. There are lots of things that have happened to me over the years, things that I have had a hard time understanding. Now that I'm older I have been able to get a better knowledge to what is out there and what I'm able to do. I learn more about my abilities over time and being able to help others is something that I really enjoy doing. I'm glad to be in a team that takes the spirit world very seriously. For this is a passion that I have enjoyed very much



 Lead Tech   Raymond R

   Raymond, This is a field that has been an interest of his for a long time. He is our Lead Tech.

He has had many thing happen to him when he was little, and now that he is an adult there have been more things that he has experienced.  He is looking for the truth in the paranormal.

There are things out there that he does not understand about it and he is looking forward to getting a better knowledge on things that he has experienced.



Historian: Cindy K.


         Here are two people that go and get information on the history of a location. This is something that we both enjoy doing. there is so much history to the location , we love getting to learn the new things that happen in Iowa and surrounding states.


Cindy also goes to flea markets with Kassandra.

Our Historians


                         These are our historians, they will travel to your location a couple of days prior to the investigation to gather information and then they will spend a few days after the investigation to make sure they have everything that they can possible find. 

  ( L to R)  Kassandra Weaklend  (founder) Cindy Keith ( co-lead investigator)

Guest Investigators

 Here is where we put our Guest Investigators:


 Beth K. Holmes : Beth has been to a few cases with us. She is someone who only comes to a few cases here and there when things work for her and her family.  Thank you Beth for coming with us to the School house , the team had a blast working with you and are looking forward to working with you again in the future.


Grant:  has been interested in the paranormal for years. I believe that there are things out there that are hard to explain. I also am a debunk er for the most part. Grant has been a part time investigator for us. 


  ON Leave: investigators



       Annie :   I am an investigator for the group.

        I have been studying the unknown for years, and know others that have joined similar groups.  I have also had several experiences over the years, including my old house, in which the TV that was not plugged in, turned on.

     My main belief is that your spirit does not have the same limitations as your physical being, and your spiritual relationship with the physical world does not have to end just because the body gives out.