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23rd Annual Iowa Metaphysical Fair    2012

 First let me start by saying that im sure some of you are saying what is that? And really 23 yrs?  WOW..

Well this was my first time there and and I have to say that if you ever get the chance to go to one of these you really need to. I was a little leery at first but once I got there it was a whole new experience for me. I would also like to say thank you to my friend and group member Annie for showing this to me. I really had fun today!!     

Kassandra , La Homa , Annie


 As I post pictures of some of the places that I stopped at to see and visit with I am also going to be putting a little  bit about them and what they do and where they are located by. I really hope that you enjoy looking at the photos that we have put together for you and if you ever get a chance to go to a  Metaphysical Fair please do so it was a blast.  I seen things and got to met alot of great people.

This is a place that vendors can come together that share some of the same fields. The Metaphysical fair is about embracing your spiritual side and all the items that you can think of under one roof. I found stones to pendulums to candles to soap , and that's just a little of the things I saw today. Below is some of this things that I found out about this wonderful event and all I did was type in the name.  Below the statements you will find some vendors and some photos of other things that they offer at the fair in general. There are alot more vendors then what I have posted below.


Below came from the web site :

The Iowa Metaphysical Fair emphasizes positive spirituality in all its potentiality. You will find wonderful services &

 goods related to spirituality, metaphysics & holistic health. Readers & energy workers, all types will be available.

 Vendors will offer rocks, books, jewelry, tarot cards, salt lamps, art work & tattoos to name a few. 

Take in a gallery reading, listen to a lecture, enjoy belly dancing This is a family friendly fair.

All of our readers and healers have gone through a significant screening process with independent people 

establishing that they are professional, ethical, sincere, and skilled. 

Find insight, transformation, guidance, advice, counseling, and more with our many mediums and intuitive readers. 

Enjoy a deep-tissue massage or light-touch energy work from caring and skilled practitioners.


                          Below came from the web site :

The fair was founded by Scott Arnold. It was through his wisdom and forethought that brought the vision of the Iowa Metaphysical Fair into focus and allowed us to grow into what we are today. We are hoping that you will participate in this new beginning and hope that you will feel that this is a new beginning for the metaphysical community in Iowa.

Our fair continues to emphasize positive spirituality in all of its potentiality. You will find many wonderful goods and services related to spirituality, metaphysics, or holistic health. Psychics and energy workers of different types will all be available, along with many other specialists. Jewelry, crystals, books, and tarot cards are just some of the wonderful products for sale.



         Now on to some of the people that I met , and what they have to offer.The first booth I stopped at to chat with was ,  Des Moines New Age Shop, I talked with Alicia Anspaugh.  My friend Annie has been in their shop alot since they opened and she has become friends with Alicia and others. Among the many things that they have at their store here are some of the things that they have  Crystals, Candles, Jewelry, Books , Art work, Classes, Work shops, and much more. 


   Alicia Anspaugh  (515) 276-7755   3009 Merle Hay Rd, # 6 Des Moines, Ia you can also check them out on facebook , twitter





 As in the legend of the Moonspinner, Kelly will cast your question to the in universe and draw in responses to even your most secret questions.  Kelly is an Empath/Clair-sentience, offering intuitive readings. For more information you can contact  Kelly McCarville- (319) 213-0976 or visit them on facebook    this information comes from the broucher that came from the Metaphysical fair



Central Iowa Massage



  This is  LaHoma Simmonds , today she was a fair , greeting people as they walked threw the event. She also does  massages. the below information comes from her web site at :

Mission Statement

My passion is improving personal health and wellness through holistic bodywork. I am dedicated to providing a service using various modalities that are beneficial and helpful to clients, physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Why Holistic Massage

Your well-being isn't just about taking care of your body. Massage benefits the mind and body, but there are other important aspects to holistic therapy. Holistic therapy considers the needs of the complete person; physically, mentally, and spiritually. The American Holistic Health Association has information and resources to help understand holistic health and how you can become a holistically healthy person.

 Come enjoy the beautiful scenery surrounding the Love and Light Massage studio. Dedicated to providing a service using various modalities that are beneficial and helpful to clients either in my home or I can travel to you. No need to fight traffic, find parking, or even wait weeks for an appointment, I will travel up to 150 miles away.  I am also available for events of any sort.
Ask about the Buy 3 sessions and get the 4th Free Package Deal.  I provide a selection of oils and lotions to moisturize and relax. You'll sigh with happiness!

 Love and Light Holistic Massage by LaHoma (Homie) Simmonds, L.M.T.
433 Nature Rd, Boone, IA 50036





      This photo was intended for the design in the middle, this was painted by the ladies at the new age shop .I was very impressed by the things that I seen today at the Iowa Metaphysical Fair and I am Looking forward to going again Next year. We will keep you posted on when that will be. Thank you 


You can also go to for additional information on upcoming events, also the vendors that were there and their web sites .