Earthbound Paranormal Of Iowa

Locations in Iowa

This page is to show some of the different locations around Iowa. Every case we go one we take seriously. Every photo that is posted are things that were caught while investigating. Please remember that the locations that are posted you need to have permission to be at the location.


BoneBright Museum, Iowa.


  Bone brite is a place that has several building that were used threw out time and was donated to bone brite. There are several places like : a court house, a one room school house , a couple of homes ; and a train depot , and a church.  This is a very interesting place to visit. You would have to visit there in the near future to see if you feel or see the things that our two teams felt. That does not dismiss the things that we noticed that night. There were several different things happening that night. We had investigators being touched, to hearing voices. This is a active spot in Iowa and In my own words; I would say that there is something there.

 Evp's will be posted soon.

The Squirrel Cage


This is another site that we got when we with the other team, and since we were there we are also posting these on our web site as well.

 This is one of the 3  Jails that look like a squirrel cage. This was a very unique place to be at. There were a lot of strange things happening there. Here are a few pictures from the location .

evp's will be posted soon, and more pictures to follow. This was  a interesting night. As well need to remember that paranormal activity does not work on cue, you get to the location and then can be lots of things happening or there can also be very little things. It just depends on if the Spirits want to show us that they were there.


Local theater in Des Moines

 We got this case from a friend. This was a last minute case.

Investigators ;

Jolene M., Mark J., Kassandra W. and our friend Grant

 Before we get going please remember that nothing paranormal works on cue.

We set up camera's threw out the theater and then walked around with some hand held, and audios

Here are a few pictures from that night. There were some strange feeling from the night. There were a few things that we caught on photo's and audio.... Below are a few pictures




A local Church in Iowa

Here are some photos that were taken at a wedding that I was asked to take. As much as I enjoyed being there, there were a few extra's that also enjoyed being there. I know that this sounds strange but I want to thank the spirits for coming to this wonderful occasion. A huge thank you go out to not only the families that were there to share the joy in this couples wedding but the the spirits that came to see them as well..

Cherokee theater

This is a location that we did with another team. This was before we went on our own.  This is a very active location and this is a place that we can post photos on, those will come at a later time, Here are a few evp's that we caught .

These photos are not marked for we were with another paranormal team, just before we split our own ways. clip 2 ( man yes sorry).wav   This is a man.sounds like he is saying ... "Yes ,sorry" clip 4 ( girl).wav Sounds like a little girl.


 UPDATE : 10/13/12

 We have gotten the chance to return to this location with our new equipment , we will be posting things on this location soon... 




Grand Opera House theater


      This was a fantastic site, there was lots of history to this location. I want to thank the people at the location for allowing our team into their beautiful theater, this was a case that we  did with another group just before we split into two different groups.  There were lots of experiences this night. As we all know in the paranormal world that " you have to have some form of proof" I can say thou that there were several things there that night and I'm not talking about the human people that were there I mean the spirit world had come to see us in some form.

Hitchcock residence.


       This is a place that we stumbled on when we were out looking for sites. This is not a place that we investigated but we are going to post what we found when we were at their location.

      This first picture I'm posting because I caught a little girl in the photo, the second one looks like  man leaning against the wall by the black curtain.

Bridges in Madison County.


We were driving we thought we would stop and investigate around the bridges. There are a lot of things that we caught that night. 


Villisca House


       This a place we visited. We were not able to go in this day because there was a team inside doing an investigation. So we walked around the home and took a few pictures. There wasn't anything that we really caught but I thought since this is a place that a lot of people talk about that it would be nice to see a few  pictures. 




Our group got the chance to spend the night at " The Moore Family Residnce"  Better known the the public as 

" The Villisca Ax Murder House". We got there at 730pm and left at 7am the following morning, after investigating , the group got some sleep. Then we packed up in the morning and headed for home. Great location. 

It is a place that see's alot of investigating teams, so it seems like they are used to having people in the home, Maybe just a little too much.. 

IF you ever get the chance to go its a great experience.



These first 2 photos were taken by 2 different investigators, they got almost the same things.




 first photo, there is something on Mark..                  Something was coming in the room 


  Something Visited Raymond          As they were talking about the kids something entered the room at the top


 Audio: 7.wav

 sounds like a man saying enough them off , u like it.wav

 you listen to this one and we would love to know what you all think it ways,.

 sounds like a little kid 4.wav

 we asked a question and this was the answer we got ,,,




 There isn't anything really fancy with this video but we did have a huge orb come in the room from the top and come sit on Marks lap. 



Small town Bar in Iowa



This was a case that I personally was excited to do. This was our first time to investigate a small town bar. We got a call from the Owner of this bar, He has been the owner for many years ( 9 + years). He asked us to come in because he was hearing noises and had seen a few things that not only he was unsure about but his employees were seeing too.

 Here are a few of the photos that were taken the night we investigated. there were several photos that we caught this night. the date on the photos is correct , the time is not.


Evp's that were caught this night


  sounds like a man he is asking for a plate? home grab me a plate.wav


sounds like a little girl                           wee wee . little girl.wav


Sounds like a little girl                          girl2.wav



Odd ball sites around Iowa







 This was a schoolhouse that we found while going

for a drive in the northern half of Iowa. 

( in the photo is Cindy)






                             - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Here is "  The Old Stone House" this was something else that we just

stumbled onto. 


The Dodge House , there is a number that is on the door if you are wanting to go inside. 


Spring Valley Historical Museum


Spring Valley , this was just a house that we thought was very cool.


Another cool house that we seen that we took photos of. This was a very unique home.



Area , Missouri Valley Iowa

We went to this little town a long time ago and we seen a few of the cemeteries that were in town that was suppost to have some kind of connection to the hobo's. We ll while we were there we found this museum and so we walked threw taking pictures. Here is one of the photos that I would like to share with you that we caught that night while we were there, Now i know you can see alot of things in the photo but if you look at the glass in the far back you can see a little boy standing there. We were back to this location looking for that little boy thinking that it could of just been a statue of something and when we returned there wasn't anything there. I did ask if they had something there and I was told that they did not... I know that if you look at the little boy he is wearing a white shirt and he has blue bibs on,. If you look closely you can see the trim of the wall going threw him as well. And if he was a statue you would not of been able to see that. So take this photo as you wish.. 




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