Earthbound Paranormal Of Iowa

Orb's from our perspective


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Orb's with  colors

Before I say to much there are several sites that have several different thoughts on the sizes and colors . There are several places that you can visit to get the information from. Please remember that these are all up for interpretation.

 Can any of the things we call orbs be interpreted without a doubt? No, there  is not certainty with the paranormal. 

As for sizes there are also several different things that can count . Examples ; a large orb can be something that has an echo of the energies of a aura  of one person or may even contain  may souls.  There is not certainty.


Pink: Openness

Red: Stress , restlessness , Energetic

Dark red : Anger and Pain

Orange: Healing, Energy , Health

Peach : Ability to comfort

Gold : Free-Flowing , Energy ,Tolerance

 Yellow; Caution ,Hesitation

Green ; Healing , Fertility

Light Blue: Tranquility

Dark Blue: Shyness , Survivor

Lavender: At peace with God

Purple : Stored information

Violet : Seeking spiritual guidance

White: High Frequency protection

Silver : Telekinetic power

Brown : Connection to the earth