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Blog talk Radio.

We have not started our own Blog talk but we have been invited to several ones by our new founded friends. So if you are looking into Blog Talk radio you will catch our Friends. If you are wanting to Join us on Blog talk Radio look us up on Face book we would love to have you join in some time.

EBP of Iowa with Facebook... take a peek ...  There are a few of blog talk radios on the home page of this site. Thanks again 


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June 1, 2006

Home of the Paranormal Research Alliance 


Check out this really cool web site. you will like what you see..


 Feel free to contact us with any questions. And please listen to my weekly live radio show at . All shows are also archived so you can listen to them at a later date.


Paranormal research alliance

    We were on blog talk radio one night just listening to the guest speaker that PDAPS had and this is the lady was on. She is very nice. She has had several things in the paranormal world happen to her.

   Check out this web site... this is a very prominent lady , she has some really cool things on her web page. She has a few books that will be coming out soon......

She is also on face book....CHECK out this site everyone you will like it!!! you can go to Ebp of iowa on face book and click on her link..


This is one of our new friends.  check out their web site it is very interesting.








The Ghost Hunters Store






  The name alone says everything. Here is a company that we get the biggest amount of our equipment from.

I trust the equipment that we get from them, and when we post  the new equipment we also write some of the things that " the ghost hunter store " writes as well. Check them out if you are looking for some great equipment..

Paranormal community chat





Finaly a place that paranormal groups can go to and share their thoughts and get some answers by other paranormal groups .... Check them out !!!  You will love them as many other and us have.!!!

The Haunted hunters Magazine

Check out this magazine ...It is great!!!  See us in it ...

The White crow magazine




  The white crow

Here is a magazine that has been around for a bit and they work with paranormal groups. They help us get our stories and names out there, it is great!!

 Check them out !!



  We have become a sister group with mvparanormal they are based out of Dubuque, Ia. We have not gotten the chance to work on cases together yet but we are working on that. We have built a working relationship on helping each other so that we can help others.

We are looking forward to working with them in the near future.




Villisca Murder House

Just a place that our group will be going to in Nov of 2011

Ghost Boys

 We got a chance to go out and be interviewed by  Ghost boys at the Farrar Elementary School last night and we all had a blast!! They are very nice and very polite. I want to take the moment and say thank you to them for allowing us to come out and tell them about our experiences.  I will be posting a link to the interview as soon as we get it. Mean time here is a photo that was taken that night .


Heres the link to the Trailer of my documentary "Ghost Boys"