Earthbound Paranormal Of Iowa

A Private residence in Fort Dodge ,Iowa

This is a very unique case. For the privacy of the home owner we are not allowed to post any pictures from the house. This was a very active home. There were several investigators here this night, seeing how it was a huge old Victorian home that had been in the owners family for years. The caretaker knew the last owner and was left the home to take care of. I am very glad that we got the chance to get in side of this beautiful home.

 there will be a couple of EVPs posted later from this location.

 Evps from the location: house clip8.wav house 13.wav


A private residence in Iowa


This was an emergency case that we got. One night we got a phone call from some people in Iowa that was needing help . So after a few hours of talking to them and seeing what was going on, we set up a time to go to the location and see  if what ever was there was going to show itself to us

So  here is who we  took.

Investigators ; Cindy K.  , Jolene M , Mark J. , & my self Kassandra W.

equipment was placed in these areas .

1 night vision camera in the mother in laws room

1 night vision camera in the master bedroom

2 night vision cameras were placed in the basement.

Audio was placed

1 in the kitchen

1 in the basement

investigators carried the k-2 meters with them

and our investigators carried one with them as we went thru the home

 Conclusion of this location :

  After Kassandra and Jolene went the library and the historical library to seek information on this location. we found nothing to that was relevant to the case. We did not find any thing to do with Natural disasters  with this home, there were no fires that were ever found either. 

 There were several personal experiences that all of the investigators felt that night.   We all know that the paranormal does not always work on cue. There are some night that are better than others.

Here are a few pictures from that night   Earthbound Paranormal would like to thank the home owners for allowing us into their home and allowing us to return to your location in the near future.



Private residence in Lower Southern Iowa


           This is a residence that was shared by another group. We were invited by P.D.A.P.S out of Texas to join them on. This was a great opportunity for our group. We not only enjoyed the time that we spent investigating the home but we also made several new friends out of the deal.

This is a private residence and for the safety of the homeowners there will be no pictures that include them and  or their address or location.

 We had a great night. there was by far something in the location other than the home owners. We were there for a few hours and there were several different things happening there. From hearing a few voices and seeing a few shadows, to just a some what creepy feeling.

I will be posting a few pictures of this location here soon. Earthbound Paranormal would like to thank the home owners for allowing us into their home and allowing us to return to your location in the near future.


Private Residence In southern Iowa.




This is a private residence and for the safety of the client we will not be posting anything that has names or location.

I personally went to this home before we took our team out here. To do some history and to find out what was happening at the location. Now I know that this sounds strange but while I was sitting and talking to the home owner i felt some one come up to me and pinch me. Then when I sat closer to the home owner to go over a few things we both felt someone sit right in the middle of us. So after we did the initial walk threw and did some talking we took our team out to see what we could find.

This was a home that has a demonic presence. This home has cause a few issues for the homeowner. We were called in to help and  see what was  with the residence.

 After a few hours of investigating we found that there were a few things that happened to our investigators.  Earthbound Paranormal of Ia would like to thank the home owners for allowing us into their home and allowing us to return to your location in the near future.

Evps from the location: up here.wav  there is a mans voice in this /: if you listen you can hear my investigators in the beginning and then you hear a strange voice. this is happening while we are talking. kid.wav this has a little kids voice in it. talking.wavhere is a mans voice voice 3.wav this is a  female voice can be a couple of things , " him or Tim"...

  this is a sound of a dog we got where there were no dogs where we were like a dog.wav

Private residence in Iowa

 This is a private residence in Iowa. For the safety of our client we are not posting any  this that has the address or the homeowners family.

 This was a very active home. there were lots of things happening. One of our investigators were even scratched. This home did not seem to have anything that was bad , it just seemed like we overstayed our time there. For the spirits sake.  Earthbound Paranormal would like to thank the home owners for allowing us into their home and allowing us to return to your location in the near future.

Private residence in Iowa

This home was also an emergency home. This is also a private home so we will not be showing any faces or the out side of the home for the safety of the clients.

there was lot of history to this location.  And most of it was in the attic.

We will be posting pictures to this location later . So please return later for more information. This is also a residence that we will be returning to some tiem in the near furture to see if anything hasd changed since our last visit. I also would like to thank the  home owner for allowing us in to their home and being so patient with us.



Private home in Iowa

This was a home that we did with another team. It was while we were a part of their group then we split off into our own group.

 The ladies of this house was having a few issues and she contacted us and we went to her home twice, There were several things that went on in this home. I cant post any pictures for the fact that the client asked to not be mentioned or have anything that showed their faces or home.. So all i can post are a few audios from that location. So as we say with all of our cases please take things as you will but this stuff really happened.. ,bell,horn.wav this one sounds like a walking , bell and a  horn like hammering.wav this one sounds like some one walking in boots


Private Location in Des Monies


 This is a private location and we are not allowed by the home owner to post any pictures of the area. We can tell you a little bit about this location.

We can tell you that there was a death in the home currently and that they has been sighting of a man walking the halls . You can see him from time to time. There were a few evps from this location as well but we are not allowed to post.

This was a great sight and each year we return to this location to see if anything has changed. we have been to this location twice now and the spirit that does reside there has shown him self to us a couple of times.

I want to thank the home owner for allowing us into their home and letting us back in year after year on the anniversary date of the death of the family member.


Private Location in Des Monies

 This is a private location and for the respect of the home owner we are not allowed to show pictures that have their faces or their address. There will be no names posted on this site for the request of the client.  There will be a few EVPs that will be posted later.

 Earthbound Paranormal would like to thank the home owners for allowing us into their home and allowing us to return to your location in the near future.

 We just finished with giving the information that was found to the homeowner. So now we can post a few things from the site.


this is a short video, nothing happens in the beginning , so please go to the end of the video and see if  you can see what comes off of Mark.'s audio 3.wav

this sounds like there is something being shoved across the floor.....

Private home In Newton


This was a home that we were called out to for an investigation. There are several things that the home owners were feeling and experiencing. The call that we received there were reports of things falling off  the top the microwave, there were things being seen from the bathroom , shadows of dark images that would go from one side of the room to the other. Even the reports of hearing thing knocking on the window in the childs room. There were a few things that night that we had a hard time de-bunking. 

For the protection of the home owners, we are not going to put any names or photos of the out side of the home on line. This is a private location.

Southern Iowa residence.

 Out of respect for the home owner there will not be any photos posted of the outside of the home or any photos of them, or their children.


We got a email from a Lady, she was asking of we would come and investigate her home. Here are some of the things that her family was experiencing .

One of their children had been scratched, she had even been scratched. There were sounds of Footsteps. They has even seen pictures fall of the stands , and they were hearing a few voices.

So we called and set up a time for us to come and investigate their home. They were looking for answers.

This home was an interesting one. We took a group of 4 to this location.

Here are some EVPs that we caught the night that we investigated.



the sound of a child


 a thunk .


this one we are unsure about

This one you can hear us then you here a whisper says a name.wav



Des Monies ,Ia

We received an email from a lady here in Des Monies, who was just looking for some answers. There were a few concerns that she had for not only her , but for her family.  This home was built in 1910. The home still had several unique features of the early days.

Some claims of activity, there were sounds of hearing people walking, seeing a shadow at the bottom of the stairs , there was also reports of seeing things in the kitchen of the home. the home owners had reported seeing a little girl in the home. There were several things that had been happening to the daughter in the home. So we were invited to this home to help them understand what was there, or wasn't there.

 When we arrived there had been the  feeling of a little girl, there was also the feeling of a man. Upon investigating there were several things that we were able to verify.


there is some audio from the location  and some video that will be posted at a later date. Ebp of Ia would like to thank this family for allowing us into their home. Not only was it a very unique case , but there was a feeling of "home" when you walked in the door. Thank you very much.

 <%=user.getURL()%>thats the toy room.wav



Southern Iowa Private home



    We were asked to help a family in Southern , Iowa . They recent purchased a home from an auction and they were looking to make this their home. Little did they know that they were sharing their home with the paranormal.

    Here are a few reports from the homeowners. They have been experiencing  items thrown, hearing voices, footsteps, they would also see things being moved when no one was touching  them.  There were also a few times where they would be having a conversation among themselves and things  would move. There was even a time when the TV would turn it self off.A lot of the experiences that they had we were able to verify on tape. Here are a few things that we caught on tape and audio.

  Here are a few things that we found that night, there are several audios that we will be posting and a video will be at a later date.. thank you very much..


Audio child says me.wav deodarent fell.wav house littlekid.wav









 There is more from this location at the bottom of the page from our return Visit.. Thank you 



This is not a case, but needs to be posted

 Just when you thought that visiting friends and taking photos of them that it would turn out great!!  Well here is a place that I visit a lot. These were taken at a home in Des Moines, Ia. The home is well over 100 yr old. 





Location in Des Moines ,Iowa  Private residence

We received an email from a lady here in Des Monies, who was just looking for some answers. There were a few concerns that she had for not only her , but for her daughter. This home was very unique since the home was built in 2002. It was hard to figure out why a home that has only been around for a little while would have any form of Paranormal activity in it. 

As we always do we take all cases and give our all to help the homeowners figure out if there is something wrong in their home.


There will be no photos of the home or the homeowner posted on our site, for the safety of our client.

 I want to thank you homeowner for allowing us into their home. We had a blast that night.


Photos and audio will be posted at a later date, when we have had a chance to get with the homeowner to share what we have caught on video and camera.

The photos that are in black and white are from the full spectrum camera. they others are from the normal camera.










Location in Des Moines, Iowa private residence

Here is a case that is very weird. There were things that were happening to this homeowner that was causing some issues in their home. The home has 3 little children in it so this was a very high priority case.


There were several things that were happening in this home. There were reports of hearing things and seeing shadows, to  feeling things that should not be there.


There were several things that has happened to the home owner their her life and we are currently working with this homeowner to help her understand the things that are going on in her home and with herself. We will be working with her til things get better.


This is a case we just did and if there this anything caught on video , photos or audio they will be posted at a later time, when we have  had a chance to get with the homeowner and share the things with her.







Private Home in Fort Dodge, Iowa

We got a email from someone that lives in Fort Dodge , Iowa. There were several things that were reported and we went to see if we could catch anything that they were experiencing.

Now there were several things about the area, It used to be an old hospital. So the grounds have some form of history. There were several things that came to greet us as we showed up. 

 The investigators that came to this one was Mark ,Kassandra & Cindy. This was a small apt so there was no need for a lot of people.

As we go threw the evidence we will be posting some of it on here. Of course after we show things to the client first.

There were several personal experiences too and I will share those too after we have had contact with the client. 

Return visit to a southern Iowa home

This time the home felt alot different. We were in this home in March of this year , but we had taken too many people for this little home so we really wanted to get back there and see if we could debunk some of the things that was happening in the home.. 

First, everything was different as we stated. The home owner had a few changes to his family. It was just him that night and things were alot calmer. Now did that stop the spirits for acting out that night?  Nope they were just as curious as they had been prior. 

In a week there will be postings of the findings from the location. Thank you 

This time for audio things were quite quiet. We did not catch anything really from the inside of the home this time either. But we did catch a video from the guest house this time. That will be posted at a later time.







Private home in Knoxville , Iowa

We returned to help some friends of ours that moved in to a home in Knoxville. There were reports of someone walking around above them in the kitchen when there is not a second floor above the kitchen. They were also experiencing some issues with their son. So we packed things up and headed their way, Hoping to be able to help them with the issue at hand.

Once we got there and went threw all the hotspots, we set things up and tried to find some answers. 

We finished with the investigation and went over the evidence. We seemed to have more questions than we had answers for.  Here is what we caught you can use your best judgement on things that were found... We will be returning to this location in the future to see if we can catch what ever was talking to us while we were in this home. 



 Picture one looks like a man in a truck, this was taken from the second level of the home .

Second photo looks like there is a face looking back at us.  top left of the window.

third one has a colored orb that was coming to see us. 




Now all the audio you are about to hear came from their home. 20.wav  sounds like : wheres my momma? 22.wav

sounds like: watch them on that? 2.wav

sounds like : I know that?



we didnt catch anything on video

Private residence in Iowa

Here is a location that we got at the last minute.  One of our friends had their brother pass away in his home and they asked us to come in and help their brother pass on Or just help them with some unanswered questions.

 Here are a few photos from that night and a couple of audios that were caught that night. 

I want to thank the family for allowing us into their brothers home. I also hope that we were able to help them get some form of peace. 

Rest in peace Tim, you are missed and very much loved to this day.




Here are a few photo's from that night.


 Audio's 1.wav This audio was from the front of the home.  It sounds like it says "help" no.wav

 here is the second Audio caught that night. It sounds like " no" era.wav

 This one sounds like a lady thump.wav

 This is a thunk hush.wav

This is some one telling us to hush i aint crazy.wav

you have to really listen to this one it is very faint... but it sounds like it says : im not crazy"

Private residence in Knoxville Iowa

 This case comes to us from some friends in Knoxville., We had investigated for them so their friends asked us if we would come to Knoxville and do an investigation for them. So we headed south to help them. We have become friends with this couple and we have scheduled another time to return to their home and see if what we caught on audio will show it self to us on video.   This time we were only able to catch a few evp's for our cameras would not hold a charge every time we tried to take pictures, and we caught nothing on video.Here is what we caught.


EVP'S 3.wav you can hear Kassandra ask if there is anyone that would like to chat. you hear something like " how" after that.


Private residence in dsm

We got a phone call from a man that was having issues. He felt as if something was trying to take over his life, we came out and did an investigation. We were not able to catch what he was seeing. We all know that the paranormal world does not work on cue. That would be way to easy, and no fun. 

We did set up our  equipment and here are a few audio clips that we did catch that night.


 this one sounds like a lady me.wav

this one sounds like a little kid singing  or humming little girl singng.wav you hear me.wav


Private residence in western iowa

Now we got a call from a lady who was scared of  the things that were in her home.  She had children so this was a high priority. She did tell us that she lost her husband in Feb of this year, he had passed in the home. She was able to show us a few pictures that she and some friends had taken , they appeared to have had something in their home. We went to investigate the home and here are some of the things that we had caught that night.


As we pull p history of this town we found that in the early 1800's that the Indians ( fox & souix) had been in the area, they did not stay long due to the lack of water for their families. There were a few other early settlers that came threw the area and had settled there.  The home has had a couple of deaths that we know of. One of those being her husband and with the other being in 1911 and with the lack of medical treatment, and the way people  were transported back in that era it is likely that this other gentleman pasted in the home as well.

 I do want to thank you home owner and her family and friends for being so nice to us while we were in their home. And we are looking forward to helping her solve the issue that is at her home. 


 sounds like : someone walking across hard wood floors and a man at the end 27.wav


sound like a lady asking " what you doing" 26.wav


sounds like a man grunting 14.wav





          there is a yellowish-orange orb ,     a form of a mist                         a white trail by Kassandra's head







Private home in Des Moines

 We got a call from a guy here in Des Moines that was having some issues. he had reported that something was following him and that what was there was trying to get him to do bad things.  he felt that at his job and at home. Hew was told that someone attached something to him.

 Now we do a few cases a year and we don't always get photos or video. But alot of the time we do get some audio, This home was one that we got some audio out of. There were no photos to show or video, Does that mean that there isn't anything there? Not necessarily it just means that you don't always catch things. 

Here are a few audios that we caught that night,.

some one saying "why" 6.wav

someone saying "momma" little kid? you hear me.wav

someone asking "can you hear me" abou.wav

this last one sounds like a girl saying " kassi"