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Private residence's in Missouri

As you go threw this page you will get a chance to see some of the cases that we have done in Missouri. Please remember that everything that you see on this page is true and was caught by Earthbound Paranormal Of Iowa Investigators. 

 There will be not photos that show the out side of the  residence  nor will you see any photos that have the occupants in. This is for the safety of the client. 


Thank you and I hope that you enjoy the things that are to come for this page and the other pages we have.




Private residence in Missouri

 Here is as home that we went to that was having issues with the paranormal. There were several reports in the home from hearing voices to seeing shadows. 

We set this home up pretty quickly. Here are some of the things that we caught while we were in the home.

 there are several photos that were taken this night that would love to share but  anything that has our clients in them we dont post. That is out of the respect for the client and their privacy. 

Below are just a couple of photos that had a orb in them. 






 Sounds like:  I hate the cross.. the cross.wav

 Sounds like a child go christina.wav

 sounds like:come in here in here.wav

    sounds like :a male dont want to talk to you.wav


There were so many audio's from this home that we are not able to post them all here are a few of them ..

thank you