Earthbound Paranormal Of Iowa

Private residence in MN

This is a very special case to us, this is one that we have been trying to go to now for over 1 year. We finally made it there. We met some very nice people on this case.

This was a case that Jolene brung to the group. She had been talking with this family for over a year. And she currently still talks with this family.

We made a weekend trip of this , we arrived in Mn on Friday the 24th and stayed till Sun the 26th.  When we arrived we set up equipment and let it run over night. When we returned the next day to the location we changed all the tapes and audios so that we could start fresh. Now before I go any further just as i have stated  on all of our cases things in the paranormal world do not work on cue. There are times where you get things and times that you don't. This just happen to be a case that we did and things worked as planned.

There were lots of personal experiences at this location. As every case we are always wanting the things that we feel to be on audio or video to prove that this was something that really happened.

 Investigators that were at this case :

Jolene M. , Cindy K. , Mark J. and my self , Kassandra W.

Equipment was set up in the following locations:

1 night vision camera was put on the top level of the house  facing down the hallway toward  the bedrooms

1 night vision camera was set up in the kitchen

1 was set up in the basement

1 was set up in the master bedroom

There was audio placed in the following areas : upstairs bedroom (where a lot of the activity was to be happening ) , there was audio placed in the older daughters bedroom , one in the dinning room , and then one was carried by the groups.

 Personal experiences that we had , one of our investigators had their butt grabbed  in the kitchen , this was something that happened again up stairs in the girls room, another one of our investigators seen a shadow of a man in the master bedroom.

Here are a few pictures that were caught that night guys voice.wav

 A male voice on my leg.wav


Return Visit to St. Paul, Mn


      I want to first thank the homeowners of this location. They have been very patient and very giving . They are a great bunch of people that we have had the pleasure of meeting. So thank you all for everything that you have done for us but for the wonderful friendship that we recieved out of the deal..

 Here are some of the things that our group had caught and some of the feeling from that night.

Please remember that  we went with a dvr system and not the vcr's and monitors .

March 18th - 20th,2011

The following people went to this case :

Kassandra W. , Mark J. , Raymond R., Cindy K.

Camera were placed in somewhat the same areas as the last time. 

Upstairs there was a camera pointing down the hallway and one in the parents room and one in the daughter's room.

Basement: there was a camera pointing  down the hallway toward the fathers work area.

Main level: there were camera's pointing down the hallway pointing toward the kitchen

one was pointing in the kitchen towards the hot spots

For every place there was a camera there was an audio recorder placed in the same area.

Everyone that went to this location felt something. There was comments about feeling a little child and an older gentleman.

Here are some of the things that we caught that night .



these 3 were taken upstairs, the first one looks like it is coming out of the closet , the second one im not sure , the third is something coming out of the closet 


Audio that was caught that night :

   this one sounds like they are saying show them my room her my room.wav


 sounds like : Leave her alone her alone.wav


 this is a man and a lady and lady.wav


St Paul, Minn

We got a call from some friends that wanted us to stop out and help them. There were some things that they were experiencing and we were really concerned , not only because they had a few reports of a few strange things happening but they have a couple of little kids that were having a few issues.

We make any case that has children a very high priority.

Here are some of the reports from this home.

The mother was waking up for several days with new bruises, there were reports of seeing a man at the top of the stairs, there were reports from the kids that they would see a scary man at the top of the stairs and that they were scared to go into their room at night time. There were several times were the children felt very uneasy in  the home. There were reports from friends that would just come out and visit.

We were really looking forward to investigating this home to see what was effecting this family so much.

As we walked the home we got our base reading and they were very low but then would spike up in the middle of the floor where there were no electrical at, there were time while investigating that while carrying the K-2 meter that it would just go off for no reason, Now I don't mean that it would go up one color I mean it would spike to the red then just stop.  

We will be posting what ever evidence we find once we have shared them with the client first, so please watch for later postings....

Return trip to St Paul

Hello all. As you all know we have been lucky enough to have met some great people in St Paul, and we have made it tradition to go up every year and see if there is anything else that we can catch at this families home. This time around we did not investigate there as she had some friends that were having a few issues and we wanted to help them out as well. 


So what we did for this home was we ran a few audio's , and then snapped a few photos in the house. We always seem to catch things in this home on audio and sometimes in photos. 

 We will be posting what we find at a later time, as we are still going threw evidence at this time.