Earthbound Paranormal Of Iowa

Schools in Iowa



Please rememeber that you need to have permission to enter and of the locations that are posted on our web page. Do not attempt to just arrive at a location, you maybe excorted out by the police.  So please rememeber that you will need to talk to the owners or the care takers of the location first. Every place that  is posted in this section, Eartbound Paranormal Of Iowa (Ebp Of Ia) has had permission to be there. 

Here is a new section that we are doing. We have been contacted by a few schools in the Iowa. We are slowly getting to them as time goes. There are several in Iowa that were used one time as " active Schools" and now they are not. There are people that are buying them and allowing Paranormal groups into them. We were lucky enough to get the chance to investigate a few of them. This is something that has been fairly new to our group, but I have to say that the schools are very interesting and I cant wait to get into the next one. The history on these locations are facanating..


I hope that this is a section that you all enjoy as much as we have.

Farrar Elem. School in Iowa



     This is a section that I really enjoyed doing. There are several  school in the Iowa area. This is one that contacted us.  Ebp of Ia was excited to be able to get the chance to get into this school. We had heard alot about the location. There are for sure something that goes bump in the night at this location. Here are a few photos from the location . there was several Evp's that were caught that night too , and even some on video. Those will be posted at a later time.


    We got a new person to go with us this night and she was a little over whelmed. There were things that were hard to explain , she is new at this, I hope that this will not be her last.  I think it made it some what interesting for her. We are looking forward on being able to bring her along on more cases.

   There is a website for this school and we will post it on our links.

Our return to the school house

 We returned to the school house..



     Ok, As an investigating team we all wanted to return to the school house and see if we could bebunk some of the things that we caught that first night we were at the school house. There was a small problem with that. The school house is getting lots of attention so we had to wait our turn to get back in there. There had been several different groups and activies that were at the school house before we could return. So in December it was our turn again to see if we could figure things out from the first time, yet in a way we added more questions to our list.

    We were entering the building and you could feel the difference from the last time we were there. At first it was hard to describe, but as the night went on we were able to figure out that there was something alot  different from when we were there the last time. Here are a few of the photos that were caught that night in Dec.

 I cant say for sure but it seems like there is a trickster now there. I cant really go into details at this moment but im hoping to have more information soon.  





 An investigator was writing on the chalk boards and just as she walked away another investigator took this photo.



 This photo is a little different just because at the time this photo was taken he was talking to a little child , one of the investigators took a picture and this is what they caught.


 Here was a photo that was taken by one of our investigators, she had a feelingto take the photo in this area, it seemes that it did pay off.