Earthbound Paranormal Of Iowa

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We are asking for you to help support this local Des Moines ,Iowa family with their struggle. You can find them on Facebook under "  fighting for Lee"


Name: Leland Hernandez

Born : December 8th, 2006

Mother: Sadessa Hernandez 

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AstrocytomaDefinitionAstrocytoma is a tumor that arises from astrocytes, star-shaped cells that play a supportive role in the brain.
Leland is 4 years old and had an MRI on 6/8/11 and it revealed that multiple tumors were located on his brain. He will be heading to St Judes in Memphis TN for his treatments and multiple surgeries. Please pray for our sweet boy- he has a very long road ahead of him and will need all the faith you can spare! God bless you all ♥ We will try to keep this page updated as time passes- everything is unpredictable in this nightmare so bare with us please. Use the power of prayer, send nothing but loving thoughts of a bright prognosis and future, and keep your faith strong and alive! Our path as been chosen without permission and we will take on this fight for life with nothing but courage and faith for our baby!!!!

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The following photos are a little distrubing so please keep that in mind when you view them.  But this is what his mother deals with on a 24/7 basis...