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Wicca, Witchcraft and the Craft

 Wicca, Witchcraft and The Craft


    And Ye Shall Say These Words..........
I will Live,Love and Harm None
I will Live, Love, Die and Live Again
I will Meet, Remember, Know and Embrace once more.
For the Free will of all, and with Harm to none.
As I will It now is Done
So Mote It Be !!!!
                                              { The Goddess}
  During my practice of being a solitary witch in Witchcraft, I've received the many questions of what is Wicca? and along with many other questions and debates. I've Decided the best way to help educate the world to the unknown is to show them what we believe and hope for the best!    Wicca has been called many things and has many names all meaning the same- Wicca,Wicca,The Old Religion, The Craft and Witchcraft. Now the History of Wicca differs from one book to another just like any other religion with different bibles. Now during My studies I have found that Wicca that wicca is an incorporation that adapts and continuations of ancient folk ways, symbology, and spiritual practices from old pagan Europe and classical civilizations of Greece, Rome, Egypt and Mesopotamia.   A neopagan religion that can be found in many English speaking countries supposedly founded by the British civil servant Gerald Gardner, probably in the 1940s although it was first openly revealed in 1954. Since its founding various related Wicca traditions have evolved, the original being gardnerian wicca, which is the name of the tradition that follows the specific beliefs and practices established by Gerald garner. In old English, wicca meant necromancer or male witch, many contend that the term wicca is related to the old English word witan, meaning wise man or counselor, but this is widely rejected by language scholars as false etymology. Nonetheless. wicca is often called the craft of the wise as a result of this misconception. It appears that the word may be untraceable beyond the old English period.
   Wicca refers to the religion, this can be a reference to both traditions.(wicca and witchcraft)
 Wicca initiates are assigned a degree and generally work in coven's and to solitary wicca also know as lone witch where practitioners self dedicate themselves to the tradition and generally practice on their own. Both Imitates and solitary wiccans worship the goddess with most also choosing to worship the god and both celebrate the Sabbaths and esbats.  
 Witchcraft,or as it is sometimes called "the Craft", on the other hand, requires no belief in a specific god or goddess and is not a specific spiritual path. So, There are witches who practise a variety of religions besides pagan one's such as Judaism and Christianity, it is considered to be a learned skill, referring to the casing of spells and the practice of magic(k)(the use of the k is to in order to distinguish the science of the magic from all its counterfeits or perhaps just to make it sound better and was coined as a spelling by Alister Crowley. Altogether the History of wicca is a much debated topic.
 Neither Wicca or witchcraft is associated with the christian Saan, and this does not exist within our traditions.  Therefore a Satanist of a negative christian has nothing to do with wicca or witchcraft.

  The Paths of Wicca~Pagan Traditions

                Wicca-----------British Traditional
                all others      Celtic-------------- Anglo
                                Dianic               Electic
                                Electic              Irish
                                Gardnerian           Scot
                                All Others           Welsh
                                                     All Others
Wiccan Magickal rules:
    We practice rites to attune ourselves with the natural rhythm of life,forces marked by the phases of the moon, The seasonal quarters and cross-Quarters. Witches celebrate God through religious services, commonly called rituals.
   God has given us the ability to know right from wrong. We recognize that our intelligence gives us a unique responsibility towards our environment. We seek to live in harmony with nature, in ecological balance offering fulfillment to life and the consciousness within an evolutionary concept.
   We acknowledge a depth of power far greater than is apparent to the average person, because their power is far greater than ordinary, we sometimes call this force supernatural, but we see this poor as lying within that which naturally potential to all. In the eyes of the witch everyone and everything stands equal.
   Witches believe in god. We see god as having two sides- Masculine and Feminine. together these two sides mix to create the whole of god. Witches respect both men and women and the male and female properties of everything. We agree that men aren't better than women and that women aren't better then men. witches  believe that having sex with another person is not a bad thing, though we do feel that sexual acts and interests carry a heavy responsibility.
  We know that energies exist in the world, seen and unseen. We value the world of the mind as much as we value the world around us. The collective unconscious means the psychic connections between people, plants, animals, insects and spirit. We call the powers of the mind the inner planes. witches realize that the techniques known as paranormal phenomena and magickal application begin in the mind and manifest in the universe. we pay attention to what we think and what we do. we believe that to think a thing is to create a thing.
   Unlike other churches that feel the need to have a central government that indicates the rules and activities of its followers, The wiccan religion does not have a central government. we do have teachers and leader that we honor for their wisdom and the time they have donated to the wiccan way. Each wiccan organization, church, coven , group or open circle governs itself.
   We see religion, magick and wisdom in living as united in the way one views the world and lives within it- a world view and philosophy of life which we identify as witchcraft or the wiccan way.
   calling oneself witch does not make a witch but neither does heredity itself nor the collecting of titles,degrees and initiations. A witch seeks to control the forces within him or herself that make life possible to live wisely and well, without harm to others and in harmony with nature.
   Witches respect all life. whether that life belongs to a bug, a weed, a beautiful tree, a tiger, or the rude man who lives down the street from you.  ALL MUST SURVIVE TO EVOLVE!
   Witches are sick and tired of people in other religions passing judgement and spreading lies about our belief system just because they are either insecure in their own faith or don't realize that many paths to god exist in our universe. These unenlightened people think that hurting us is better than admitting that people could be wrong.
   As American Witches, We are not threatened by debates on the history of the craft, the origins of various terms the legitimacy of various aspects of different traditions. we are concerned with our present and our future.
  We DO NOT accept the concept of Absolute Evil nor do we worship any entity known as Satan or The Devil as defined by christian Tradition. We Do Not seek power through the suffering of others nor do we accept the concept that personal benefits can only be derived by denial to another.
  We work with nature for that which is contributory to out health and  well being.
  We believe that no magick can be performed on any other person without that persons direct permission except pets and young children who can be protected by parents and owners. Sometimes when permission is expected but not yet attained magickal energy will be placed on the astral plane for the receiver to gather if and when he or she is ready.
 The Threefold law
Also know as the wiccan rede where an it harm none, do what thou wilt or plainly put if it harms no one do what you want. basically the rede is the the Central to the understanding that personal responsibility rather than a religious authority is where moral structure resides one of the major differences between wiccans and other types of witchcraft is the rede.   Many traditional witches or witches that follow other paths do not believe in the rede. this is a major topic of controversy within the wiccan and pagan communities. many wiccans also prmote the law of threefold return. Basically I have ccombinded that two laws or principles into one which is the rede and the threefold law and i believe is do no harm to others and no harm will come to you but do good to others and only good will comet to you if you send it out it will come back three times worse.
Now Im not going to go fully into everything of wicca and witchcraft for it would take for ever and its still unfinished for i still study and add to my grimore(book of shadows/spells) constanly.
 The rest of my article will explain how you can use the wiccan religion in the paranormal field:
* Dowsing Rods and Pendulums*
Dowsing Rods orignated in the 15th century in Germany. Orginally made to find water. Later on being used to find mineral deposits,buried treasuer,artifacts,oil wells and even missing people.  Among many theory's one states that all things posses an energy field that makes vibrations of varied frequencies. Another theory states theres a psychic connection between the seeker,dowser and the sought.  There are two types of dowsing rods each having a specific way to be used and what they can find.
The Y-shaped Dowsing rod must be held by the two y prongs with the straight end pointing outwards. When the rod gets close to the object its seeking the rod is pulled towards the location and once the rod is just above the source it will start to vibrate.
The L- shaped Dowsing rods is believed to be able to detect supernatural presence. Dowsing rods for ghost hunting are usually made of copper to ease the location of electric charge and magnetic field. These Dowsing rods are held lightly in each hand and when coming across a presence it crosses. These rods can also be used for yes or no questions.
Dowsing rods are also used in detecting geopathic stress,gaming and in medicine.
Its said the best age for dowsing is between the ages of 14 and 16 due to the fact that they are still highly sensitive to the paranormal world. Though many can experience the dowsing rods ways right off hand many still have to practice in order for them to work at all for them.
Pendulums also can be used the same way as dowsing rods but mostly used for yes or no questions and charka healing. This is a small charm connected to a chain and then at the end connect to a larger charm and held by your forefinger and thumb on the smaller charm and held in front of you if done correctly the pendulm will swing in different varations on its own.
  Aura is a living and non living thing that emits vibrations known as auras or qi field. It is believed that auras are the electrophotonic vibrations of various frequencies and are related to our conscious activites like thoughts,emotions,etc. the aura around living beings keeps changing while non living things the aura remains stationary. Auras can tell alot about the phyiscal and mental health of the soul. which can help in healing that imbalanced person. Auras are made of various colors depicting moods,emotions,health and thoughts.
 Some people are born with the ability to see a person's aura,Others havet to develop it through practice, concentration and meditation. To see aura's you must develp concentration in order to increase the sensitivity of your eyes and expand the range of perceived vibration from the visible region, which is located between the left and right hemisphere of the brain.
>Color Pairs<
Aura's can be seen or sensed physically, Many fail to see the aura's because they strain hard to see them. The aura's can only be seen when you are relaxed and your eyes aren't under strain. The best time to see auras is during daydreaming,deep thought and zoning out.
Step 1
 Start with inanimated objects and primary colors. The auras of blue and red are the brightest. Then Focus at a single point and concentrain after a while you will see a slight aura dont look at the aura just the pint your started at.
Step 2
  Move to different primary colors and plant life
Step 3
practise with animals while they are sleeping.
Step 4
 Practise on yourself mostly able to be done with the arms and legs.
Step 5
  Practise on another human (on their skin) first it will look like smoke then progress to a shimmer.
 Aways practise with a white background
 music enchances the mood
>color meanings<
 Blue- relaxed, balanced life and mind, born survivors
 Turquoise- Dynamic, energized, capable of influencing others,organizers, managers and born leaders.
Purple- Spirtual thoughts- never a stable color
Green- Restful,peaceful presence-natural healers
Yellow-Joy,freedom and non attachment- spritual teachers
Orange- Upliftment and power- Spritual leaders with unqiue abilities
Pink-Spiritual love- Rarely seen on earth
Red- Materialistic thoughts, thoughts about the physical body.
white- High spiritual vibrations, Godly and divine seen around preganet or to be preganet mothers (hence the saying Your Glowing)
Sulfur- Pain, anger and uneasement
Brown- Distraction, Materialism and non spiritualism
gray- Depression, bad thoughts and a dark persona
Black- Diease,death,hatred, lack of forgivness and unresolved karma.
                                    *Automatic Writing*
 A form of spiritual interaction where spirits interact with the performer through the writing media of pen/pencil and paper. The performers believe that the spirits take contol of their hand to write their thoughts and sayings.
This Form of spiritual interaction was begun in the 20th century by spiritualist. Its said that to do automatic writing the individual just holds a pen or pencil on the paper and their hand starts to produce writing and symbols that arent of the writers mind also called trance writing as its said to be a way of connecting to the people who left this world. apart from spirituality and divination its said to be part of phsychology.
Automatic writing is to be considered some what difficult but can be done by everyone with practise and a peaceful mind and relaxed environment.
How to automatic write
choose a pen r pencil and any type of paper to your liking, relax and clear your mind (mediate if need to or zone out) you can begin with writing a question at the top of the paper then relax your hand then shift your focous to reading,watching tv or listening to the music theis can also be done by just closing your eyes. While your hand is writing do not try to read or analyse it just wait the the urge of writing finally stops then reread what was wrote and then try to analyse or make sense of it most of the time it will mean nothing tell futher practise.
* A word of caution- if your indulging in psychic writing be extra Careful because though communciation with the dead is exciting you could attract a bad entity that can cause you to write scary things its best to stop writing right away and clear your mind and not continur wrinting tell you have become good enough to control who your  contacting. Other wise do a protection spell before starting so you do not draw bad entities.  I have been able to do automatic writing where I go into a trance and basically it feels like im sleeping and do not know what im writing and after im finished I am extremely tired and must sleep for a bit. sometimes im very much awake and know that im automatic writing for it feels like a pull of energy is controlling my hand. but all together its a very neat ability and very open so please be careful be for trying to attempt it.
(I would like to acknowledge that most of my research was found from a book called white witchcraft,encyclopida of witchcraft, and and my own grimoire and experience.)
 Freelance Journalist: Jolene McClish